Los Altos Hills Town Council has unanimously approved an Ordinan ce to prohibit bicycles in Byrne Preserve in order to protect horse riders and hikers.

LAHHA has bought a number of cloth bags with LAHHA logos. If you renew your membership and come to the next Board meeting on March 16, 2016 at 7:30 PM at the Parks and Recreation Room at Town Hall you will be given a bag for free.

LAHHA is investigating another horse camp this year either at Waddel Creek horse camp or the Point Reyes County Inn. When we finalize our plans, we will post where and when the horse camp will be.

LAHHA is going to send a letter to the Town Council asking for the Tactile Paving not be used at intersections with roads unless they are mandated by law. We believe scoring the pavement will be sufficient for our handicapped citizens and will be far less sliperly for horses that are shod.



Upcoming Events

  • May 1, 2016 - Playday at the Town Riding Arena
  • June 5, 2016 - Pony rides at the Town Picnic
  • June 25 - 26, 2016 Jack Brooks Horse Camp
  • July 17, 2016, Schooling Show at the Town Riding Arena
  • August 7, 2016, Trail Ride
  • September 18, 2016, Trail Ride
  • October 8, 2016, Woodside Day of the Horse
  • November 13, 2016, Trail Ride
  • December 18, 2016, Festive Ride and Holiday Party


        Los Altos Hills Horsemen's Association (LAHHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping good horsemanship available in our community. Through a variety of events and a common interest in horses and equestrian activities, we strive to preserve and enhance the extensive horse friendly resources of our Town, which include the wonderful Pathways System and a Town Arena on Purissima Road.  Our activities bring horse lovers together to share their knowledge, experience, and enjoyment of horses in our lives.

        In its 1971 Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the association was defined as "the promotion, sponsorship, and cultivaton of the use, ownership, and care of horses for horsemen in the Town of Los Altos Hills and neighboring communities."  We proudly continue that mandate.

        LAHHA members include people of all ages and walks of life whether they own horses or just enjoy knowing that horses are part of our community.  What unites our membership is our passion and respect for horses and the common commitment for their continuing presence. We also share information that contributes to the welfare of these magnificent animals that grace our lives and the Hills.

        Many of our members also belong and contribute to local and national organizations as part of our outreach program to horse-related clubs, trail riding groups, horse sanctuaries, and equine therapy programs.  We are grateful for the ongoing support of our Town, as well.

        Beyond planning and hosting PlayDays, Schooling Shows, and clinics, members gather for trail rides, near and far.  Other activites include riding in the Los Altos Pet Parade, potluck dinners, workdays to spruce up the arena property, barbeques, an annual camping trip with the horses, barn tours, and holiday caroling.

        Have we 'roped you in', yet? New members are certainly welcome!  (See the Membership tab on the left side of this home page and above.) 

        Bring your enthusiasm and suggestions to board meetings, which are posted in the calendar section. 

                                                                            Happy Trails!