The Hills

        The Town of Los Altos Hills has an extensive Pathways system that is used by equestrians, hikers, school children, dog walkers, and more. LAHHA is dedicated to ensuring that these pathways are preserved and maintained.  The trails are an essential part of the rustic component of our Town and are a necessity to many equestrians in order that they can exercise their horses and move about the hills.

        LAHHA members routinely attend LAH Town meetings to represent the interests of the horse owners of Los Altos Hills, and we also have regular rides throughout Los Altos Hills to enjoy and share our knowledge of the pathways and open space.

        Should equestrians notice portions of trails or bridges that are in need of repair or attention, please go to the LAH Town Website or contact the Town.  There are forms that can be filled out to request repairs.  The information will be forwarded to the Town's maintenance crew.

        The Los Altos Hills Pathways Map is revised, as needed. Los Altos Hills Pathways Committee meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at 6pm at the City Council Chambers. Check the Pathway System page of the Town of Los Altos Hills website for more information.

         As good citizens of the Town, it is important that we clean up after our horses when on the Pathway System. If your horse poops on the pathways, please dismount and push the poop off the pathway. If you cannot dismount, please return after your ride and clean up what your horse has deposited on the pathway.